Cloud agnostic edge development framework


Increasingly, serverless is becoming the go to for web(app) development. However, due to the complexity and/or different configurations among the popular CDNs, developers usually end up taking a long time to setup and/or are unable to take full advantage of the features of the CDNs. With Open Dex, developers can jump straight into product building and not worry about setup.

Where We Are At

Currently, we have plugins for optimization, JS combine, and first-party analytics. More plugins will be added as we go along.

Setup your “CDN” / “Serverless Application” in 5 minutes

Setting up CDN
Installing Plugin
Adding CDN

Frameworks / Dev Tools

Framework to automated asset web optimization that is compatible with different platforms and infrastructure

Resilient CDN service – Framework to implement multiple CDNs as backup in the event of outage or DDoS attack.

First Party Analytics for added security. Your data stays your own.

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