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Guaranteed 90 Score on Google PageSpeed Insights for mobile and desktop
PageSpeed Insights
Achieve A grade on all WebPageTest categories
40% faster loading website
faster loading
Speed matters.
of visits to mobile sites are abandoned after
3 sec
(Source: Google Data, March 2016)
Dexecure Products
Web Asset Optimizer

Automatically optimise the resources (images, JS, CSS, fonts) in your webpage based on device, browser and the network of the user

Video Optimizer

Transcode videos into all industry standard formats but with the bitrates suited to your devices and specific regions you're focusing on.

Third Party Optimizer

Elegantly optimize third party assets with our advanced optimization techniques and be more in control of the performance of your third party assets.

Predictive Page Loading

Dexecure's proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithems prefetch pages that your are likely to click on. Delight them with instant page loading.

Intelligent Network Optimizer

Intelligently route your traffic between multiple CDNs for increased performance, higher reliability and lower costs

Dexecure Benefits
Increase website traffic
Increase website traffic
Increase user session time
Increase user session time
Increase conversion rates
Increase conversion rates
Increase in revenue
Increase in revenue
Better SEO
Better SEO
Save developers a significant amount of time
Competitive advantage. Load faster than your competitors
Reduce CDN bill and bandwidth

Easy Integration With Your Website

It's as easy as a URL change or a DNS record change! But we also offer the following integration options
DNS Change
You can start using Dexecure by simply changing your DNS to point to our severs.
JavaScript code
JavaScript code
If you maintain your own server and website, we offer a single line of JavaScript code to integrate into your website.
Dexecure has developed plugins for WordPress, Shopify and Magento. Simply install the plugin on your platform.
Tailor made solutions
Native SDKs
We also have SDKs for iOS and Android to get you started with your native apps
Dashborad Perfomance

Dexecure Performance Dashboard

You can configure the optimizations applied by Dexecure on our dashboard. See all your websites at a glances and out in-depth analytics show you and your team an overview of the performance of your website.

We work with the world's leading CDNs including
  • "Easy and seamless"
    Ashwin Singh, Co-founder, Teamie
    Dexecure has helped us greatly improve the performance of our website. The solution fits nicely into our architecture and optimising new web pages is very easy and seamless. Not just the solution is great, but also the support from its team is fantastic.
  • "Worked like Magic"
    Kaiwalya Kher, CTO, WithJoy
    Dexecure worked like magic for us - we ended up with a 2.5x improvement in load time just from better image compression. Unless you want to optimize your images yourself for all browsers and on all platforms this is the way to go.
  • "Significantly better online shopping experience"
    Benjamin Koellmann, Director of Ecommerce at Dairy Farm Group
    We wanted to ensure user experience and speed for our users was a key priority. Implementing Dexecure to our Giant Online and Cold storage websites has resulted in significantly better online shopping experience. Our online shoppers have provided positive feedback on our website
  • "Quick page loads and navigations"
    Alvin De Cruz, Head of Engineering at theAsianparent
    We wanted to speed up site loading times and provide a good experience for visitors to the site. Visitors can now load a page quickly and navigate to other pages within our sites without the previous lag due to large images being downloaded.