Faster-loading websites drive more ad revenue

In the fickle world of fast breaking news and free websites, we help convert more of your traffic into frequent or loyal users, we help you maximise engagement and drive more advertising-generated revenue.

What We Do

Pages, code and fonts are automatically optimized for different devices, browsers and networks to deliver the fastest user experience.

Any Content

For Any Device

On Any Network

For Any Browser

Why Choose Dexecure?

Our 20+ optimization features and evolving algorithms ensure that your website is continually kept fast, ensuring visitor churn is minimized. We also save your developers valuable time. Finally, lighter pages mean reduced CDN costs too.

They Worked With Us

"Quick Pages and Minimal Lag"
Alvin De Cruz, Head of Engineering, Tickled Media
Visitors can now load a page quickly and navigate to other pages within our sites without the previous lag due to large images being downloaded.