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Giant Online Singapore Media Website Asset Optimizer
Company Giant Online Website Headquarters Singapore Industry Media Dexecure services Website Asset Optimizer

Benjamin Koellmann

Director of Ecommerce at Dairy Farm Group

We wanted to ensure user experience and speed for our users was a key priority.

Key Results

8.3% increase in page views
+4.7% change in revenue
Reduced bandwidth consumption for end users(223 GB) for end users
Faster webpage load time by up to 57.77%
Better user experience for end users
Giant is Singapore’s top mass market retailer of everyday items, they have over 60 stores located across Singapore. Giant has grown to become one of the country's most iconic brands. They launched Giant Online in 2013 to compete in the growing online space and provide supermarket services via the internet. Giant Online is continually expanding its online presence and would like to become one of the top online eCommerce websites.
The Challenge
Giant Online is one of the leaders in retail, however the landscape in the digital space was quite different when they first introduced Giant Online in 2013 and had its own challenges. Now the competition was with technology companies. This is where Giant Online realised that they need to have the best performing website with a great user experience to ensure they could drive traffic to their website for users to purchase their goods

“We wanted to ensure user experience and speed for our users was a key priority,” said Director of Ecommerce - Benjamin Koellmann from Dairy Farm Group. Another key issue Giant Online wanted to solve was to ensure website performance was optimal especially when they ran their marketing campaigns to drive further traffic to their website to result in higher conversion rates.
“To maximise our digital marketing efforts and our season sales, we had to ensure that our site was well optimized for our end users” said Benjamin Koellmann.
Dexecure's Solution
Post implementing Dexecure we were able to see webpage load times improve by 57.77% for some webpages resulting in an increase of 8.3% in page views, leading to more conversion and thus a change in revenue +4.7%. Furthermore, Dexecure was able to save 223 GB of monthly bandwidth each month (which becomes even better over time as Dexecure algorithm improves). Overall we can see significant improvements in both business and technical metrics.
"Implementing Dexecure to our Giant Online and Cold storage websites has resulted in significantly better online shopping experience. Our online shoppers have provided positive feedback on our website"
Benjamin Koellmann, Director of Ecommerce at Dairy Farm Group